Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where the magic happens

I wanted to post a picture of my glorious scraproom!  This room has everything in it.  Scrapping, card making, sewing, cricut, you name it I've got an area for it! LOL.  This first picture is taken standing in the door way.  And yes every piece of white furniture came from Ikea. 

Below is where I use my cricut machine.  It's a little cubby area and we retrofitted my old corner desk to fit the spot.  My cricut machine sits on a book shelf to the right.  Originally this space was wasted and our framers thought it would be nice to have open.  So that's what we did.

This is my Expedite shelf that houses 12x12 papers, xyron refills, bind it all, yarn, picture boxes, alterable's that I've picked up here and there, and whatever else I felt like putting there when trying to clean off a different surface. Next to the Expedite is a little cubby I picked up in Ikea's As-Is section.  I have all my non SU printed paper stored in it.  Some day when my husband gets motivated (or more nagging by yours truly) there is going to be a file box built and all the papers will be stored with hanging files. Above the cubby are they Bygal rails from Ikea.  I have hanging baskets as well as my Stampin Up punches on there.  They are such an inexpensive way to store the punches 

This is a center shot inside the room.  I had to close the blinds because the sun was blaring in and it didn't take a nice picture.  I have two super long desks back to back to make this wonderful work surface. There's places for 4 body's do sit and play, though last week My mom, sister, and I all got together to play.  And once you get all of our supplies out on the table...that huge workspace isn't so huge!

Here is my wall of Billy's.  This is where I store the majority of my stampin up stuff.  Papers, stamps, inks, accessories, and then of course whatever else I want to put there when I'm cleaning a different work space.


  1. Anna, your crafting room is awesome. If you can just keep the boys entertained or work in there when at least 1 of them takes a nap. You have done a nice job.

  2. Anna I had no idea that you had this blog, darling! I love your room, I'm way jealous!!! You've done such a cute job with everyone, love love love it. Hey tell Cody Happy Father's Day ok!